Project Name Phase Client/Operator Year Nature
HESS SPIROD Feasibility Study Hess Exploration 2018 Offshore
East Cendor FEED Petrofac-RNZ 2018 Offshore
K5 MOPU Strategic Technology Project Detailed Design PCSB 2018 Offshore
Larak, Bakong & Gorek Detailed Design PCSB-Shell 2018 Offshore
North Malay Basin Phase 2 Detailed Design Hess Exploration 2017 Offshore
RAPID Pengerang Project Commissioning Petronas 2017 Onshore
Bokor CPP Phase 3 Redevelopment Detailed Design PCSB 2016 Offshore
Malikai Commissioning Sabah Shell Petroleum 2016 Offshore
Bokor CPP Phase 3 FEED PCSB 2016 Offshore
SKO LAN GE 6 FEED Petronas ICT Sdn Bhd 2016 Offshore
Pipeline Rehabilitation Detail Design APS 2016 Offshore
OPHIR Development Project Detail Design Ophir Production Sdn Bhd 2016 Offshore
Baram Delta EOR Conceptual & FEED PCSB 2015 Offshore
Baronia BNJT-K & Tukau TTJT-A Detail Design PCSB 2015 Offshore
South Angsi-A Isolation Detail Design Talisman 2015 Offshore
Garraf Field Conceptual & FEED Petronas Carigali Iraq Holding B.V 2015 Onshore
Bintulu Integrated Gas Project Conceptual PCSB 2015 Onshore
Garagol Deniz Detail Design Petronas Carigali (Turkmenistan) 2014 Onshore & Offshore
Angsi CEOR FEED PCSB 2014 Offshore
Magtymguly Gas Recycling Pre-FEED & FEED Petronas Carigali (Turkmenistan) 2014 Offshore
MLNG Workshop Extension FEED & Detail Design Petronas MLNG 2014 Offshore
East Cluster Project Conceptual & FEED Murphy Oil Company 2014 Offshore
Bukit Tua FEED, Detail Design & Site Support M3nergy Offshore Ltd 2013 FPSO
B-17 Phase 3 FEED CPOC 2013 Offshore
PM323 East Belumut Detail Design Newfield 2013 Offshore
PFLNG Tie-In Project FEED PCSB 2013 Offshore
KPOC DMR Upgrade TBE & Detail Design KPOC 2013 Offshore & Onshore
Wangsa Field Substructure and Topside FEED Murphy Oil Company 2013 Offshore
Temana Basic Engineering Conceptual PCSB 2013 Offshore
Tapis EOR Rejuvenation Detail Design Exxon Mobil 2013 Offshore
Central Diyarbekir Detail Design Petronas Carigali Vietnam Limited 2013 Offshore
Bunga Pakma FEED & Detail Design Talisman 2013 Offshore
South Pars Detail Design National Iran Oil Corp. 2012 Offshore
Yetagun-D FEED Petronas Carigali Myanmar 2012 Offshore
Diamond-A FEED Petronas Carigali Vietnam Limited 2012 Offshore
West Desaru Detail Design Petrofac Malaysia Ltd 2012 MOPU
Malikai* Detail Design Sabah Shell Petroleum 2012 Offshore-TLP
Prelude* Feasibility Study & FEED Offshore
Gumusut-Kakap* FEED Sabah Shell Petroleum 2012 Offshore- Semi FPS

Projects denoted with * were carried out by the team either as independent consultants or whilst under previous employment.

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