Telecommunication Consulting Group (TCG) is established in Australia in 2009. A Malaysian office was set up at the same time to cater for demands in this region. Our team at TCG collectively has over 120 years experience in consultancy, engineering solutions, technical support, external licensing, financial & technical studies and project management across the Oil & Gas industry spanning across several countries.

TCG is specialized in providing technological solutions, consultation, technical support, financial & technical studies, project management inside and outside of south east Asia.

Our team consists of professionals who have worked within different sectors of the business – service providers, design consultants, MNC operators and vendors. With presence in Malaysia and Australia, TCG is able to leverage on the cost competitiveness of the lower cost region whilst drawing on the wealth of experience and expertise of team members.

TCG is continuously acquiring, evaluating and assessing suitable and strategic niche technologies for deployment in the oil and gas industry to further enhance its strengths.

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