At TCG, we specialize and strive to excel in delivering solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our experience and expertise are focused on delivering telecommunication solutions as an enabler for a safe and efficient production facility. Our intimate understanding of the oil and gas business enables us to identify challenges and key success factors in delivering a capital project.


Technical and cost feasibility study

Investigating the technical and cost feasibility of a specific system or a range of system (e.g to be used as input for conceptual design).

Regulatory study

Investigating international, regional and local regulatory requirements for a proposed system (or range of systems) to ensure compliance.

Options study

Investigating different technical options to deliver a fit for purpose and cost effective solutions within a specified constraint (e.g. terrain, bandwidth, weight, power, geographical).

New technology viability study

Investigating new technologies to determine suitability for a particular business operation (e.g. value add, reliability, cost effectiveness).



Telecommunication system philosophy, Front End Engineering Design.


Functional & technical specification, equipment location layout, room layout, overall schematic design, cable schedule, installation details, power & weight dimensioning, power diagram, equipment tagging, vendor data review and incorporation

Systems that we have design experience in: Troposcatter, microwave and multiplexer, VSAT, gyrostabilizer for backhaul transmission, HF/VHF/Digital UHF trunking, navigational aids (ARPA, RACON, AIS, NDB), Radio Frequency (personnel tracking), fiber optic ring, integrated communication console, PAGA, IP telephony, CCTV, meteorological system, entertainment system, supervisory system, data network, video conferencing.

Engineering support

Provide design support during fabrication and commissioning including witnessing and verifying Factory Acceptance Test and Site Acceptance Test, site enquiry, drawing updates, etc.

Tender management

Obtaining budgetary estimates, develop procurement strategy depending on vendor capability in the industry, develop Technical Requisition Plan/RfP specifications including evaluation criteria, vendor selection, bid evaluation and recommendation.

Interfacing with and management of stakeholders

Working with various stakeholders to ensure successful delivery of work scope (including the different disciplines in the project and operations team, regulatory bodies, system integrators, fabricators, national oil companies and JV partners).

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